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Eduard (confidential)

RESULT: $1,250,000 settlement (insurance policy limits) where car took left turn in front of our client's motorcycle on Portola Drive in SF, causing brain injury.   Defense alleged motorcycle was speeding, and client did not remember the crash.

John Doe (confidential)

RESULT: $633,000 settlement where ride-sharing vehicle hit pedestrian, breaking his hip and requiring surgery.

John Doe (confidential)

RESULT: $300,000 settlement where ride-sharing vehicle hit pedestrian, causing serious knee injury

John Doe v. White Corp. (confidential)

Client struck by a commercial vehicle and suffered serious personal injuries.
RESULT: $5 million settlement (Policy limit settlement)


A cashier who suffered a massive degloving injury to both legs when she was run over by a tour bus.
RESULT: (Confidential settlement)


The airline passenger who had a stroke on an international flight.
Airline failed to take proper steps to get medical help or land the plane promptly. John wound up in persistent vegetative state due to prolonged bleeding in brain. This resulted in the highest referral fee ever paid to a non-profit lawyer referral service.
RESULT: $4,150,000

John Doe v. City of Oakland

Client struck by a city truck and suffered serious personal injuries.
RESULT: $2 million settlement 


An air traffic controller who was injured when poorly maintained elevator stopped abruptly, rupturing discs in her neck and requiring surgery.
RESULT: $1,000,000 (Policy limit settlement)


A tenant who suffered severe smoke inhalation because her landlord did not have adequate smoke detectors.
RESULT: $1,000,000 policy limit settlement


Woman rendered paraplegic in a rollover accident.  We were able to find insurance coverage in a policy covering her for being on a church outreach mission at the time.
RESULT: $1,000,000 policy limit settlement


A victim of childhood sexual abuse by a Southern California priest.
RESULT: $950,000


A 74-year-old former shipyard and construction worker who had
mesothelioma from asbestos, in a case we tried for another law firm, and settled after four days of trial.
RESULT: $1,000,000


A 52-year-old woman rendered paraplegic by the failure of a hospital and neurologist to properly take and follow up on a MRI scan of her spine.
RESULT: $775,000 (Settlement at trial)


A 24-year-old car dealership worker who suffered head trauma and mild brain injury in a fight with a co-worker.
RESULT: $750,000


A 62-year-old maintenance man who was walking to work and was
stuck by a van, resulting in a brain injury.
RESULT: $690,000


A 36-year-old single mother and auto parts store clerk who was driven from her job by a boss who sexually harassed her.
RESULT: (Confidential settlement)


A 35-year-old bakery salesman, who suffered multiple broken bones in an accident with a runaway truck that ran into him as he was driving his young nephew to school.
RESULT: $625,000


A 34-year-old long-haul truck driver who suffered herniated discs in his back when his truck was struck by another truck.
RESULT: $550,000


Realtor injured when a defective drop down ladder at an open house failed, causing her to break her leg and need surgery.
RESULT:   $521,000 jury trial verdict 


60 year old man who developed ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) after a head on collision. Defense vigorously disputed medical causation.
RESULT: $450,000 settlement


A victim of childhood sexual abuse by a San Francisco priest.
RESULT: $416,000


A 32-year-old messenger who was badly injured in a freeway accident.
RESULT: $350,000


A 24-year-old haberdasher (men’s retail clothing salesman) whose eye was injured by an acquaintance who had been drinking and while wildly waving his arms poked Antony’s eye with his thumb, causing a serious retinal injury requiring surgery.
RESULT: $337,500


A grandmother whose leg was broken by police allegedly chasing after her grandson.
RESULT: $350,000


A 60-year-old woman who suffered a shattered elbow and underwent two surgeries after she fell at a trade show from a motor home with a defectively low handrail. The company raised the handrail to a safe level in direct response to this lawsuit. We tried this case before a jury to a successful verdict.
RESULT: $322,000 (Jury verdict)


An 86-year-old passenger in a car rear-ended by another car.
RESULT: $280,000


A 40-year-old-woman who fell down an improperly lit stairway and broke her hip, requiring surgery. We proved that the owner lied under oath about receiving prior complaints about lighting.
RESULT: $275,000


An 8-year-old boy, who was burned by scalding hot tea at a Chinese restaurant when the tea fell off the lazy Susan.
RESULT: (Confidential settlement)


A retired house cleaner who slipped and fell on fruit left on the floor of a grocery store, breaking her ankle.
RESULT: $100,000


A 55-year-old house cleaner who suffered a broken wrist when her employer’s gardener’s dog jumped up at her and made her fall. We tried this case twice to juries, the second time after we successfully moved for a new trial for more compensation.
RESULT: $76,000 (Combined jury verdicts)


A 60-year-old retiree who broke his wrist when he was pushed off the steps by the security guard at a food giveaway center.
RESULT: (Confidential settlement)


An 80-year-old retiree whose spine was injured when he fell from a MUNI train when it started to go as he tried to get on.
RESULT: $100,000


An 8-year-old girl who fell from a roof at school where she had climbed to get a ball during recess.
RESULT: (Confidential settlement)


A 58-year-old woman who was knocked to the pavement by a careless owners’ unleashed dogs, resulting in a broken ankle and surgery. We tried this case before a jury to a successful verdict.
RESULT: $100,000 (Jury verdict)


A young woman falsely arrested and injured by Safeway security guards. We tried this case to a successful court verdict.
RESULT: (Confidential settlement)


A woman whose lungs were injured by a caustic tile-cleaning product.
RESULT: (Confidential settlement)


A 45-year-old secretary who was injured in a freeway accident with a truck.
RESULT: $175,000 (Jury verdict)


A man who suffered severe eye injury when the hook on a new bungee cord separated and the cord snapped into his eye.
RESULT: $150,000


A 25-year-old deliveryman who fell down a poorly maintained, wet staircase.
RESULT: $100,000


A 27-year-old warehouseman who injured his neck while pulling a pallet jack with a defective weld that broke.
RESULT: $160,000 at first day of trial


A 64-year-old teacher who tripped and fell on a poorly marked sidewalk excavation project.
RESULT: $100,000


A 58-year-old consultant who tripped and fell on an aging, neglected carpet seam in an office setting.
RESULT: $105,000


A 19-year-old student whose mother was killed by a drunk driver. There was inadequate insurance, and Paoli & Geerhart obtained an additional $75,000 in personal funds from the drunk driver.
RESULT: $175,000


A 53-year-old pedestrian struck by a motorcycle in a bicycle lane on Valencia Street.
RESULT: $165,000


A 44-year-old man whose jaw was broken by a store security guard simply because he was panhandling on the sidewalk.
RESULT: $135,000


A 35-year-old truck driver who was arrested and informed the police he was taking antibiotics for a testicle infection. His jailers denied him adequate medical care and antibiotics, and he lost his testicle.
RESULT: $230,000


A 44-year-old physician who fell from a negligently placed ladder during a garage sale.
RESULT: $100,000


A 67-year-old retired house cleaner who was a passenger in her daughter’s car when it was forced off the road by another car and crashed, breaking Maria’s ankle.
RESULT: $100,000 (Insurance policy limit).


A 48-year-old disabled man who attempted suicide after being denied treatment for suicidal thoughts by his health maintenance organization.
RESULT: $300,000


A 40-year-old cargo inspector who broke his leg tripping over a paint can left outside his apartment door by his landlord’s contractor.
RESULT: $300,000


A 48-year-old alcohol rehabilitation counselor who was rear-ended by a drunk driver and suffered wrist and soft-tissue back and neck injuries.
RESULT: $180,000


A 41-year-old self-employed automobile flipper (buys damaged cars, fixes and resells them) who suffered a ruptured disc in a freeway accident.
RESULT: $115,000