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San Francisco head spinal massive injury attorneyUnfortunately for the injured client, the injuries that result in the largest settlements and jury verdicts are also the most severe. Eighty-five percent of all people with head injuries (including closed head injuries) make a good recovery.  However, the other 15% are not so lucky: they suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI), and they often require lifelong medical care, and suffer the loss of lifetime earnings.Insurance carriers fight brain injury cases ferociously because of their size, and you need a good lawyer on your side to recover the full damages to which you are entitled.

In some accidents, the injured victim suffers an injury to the spinal cord, the bony vertebrae surrounding the cord, or the discs in between vertebrae.  Any of these injuries can be devastating, resulting in lifelong pain throughout the body or, at worst, paralysis. Surgery is expensive and only helps in some cases.

If the defendant is at fault, spinal injury cases have large settlement or judgment value, but insurance carriers will fight these cases hard.  They will hire aggressive lawyers and doctors to claim the injured innocent victim is not hurt very badly, or at all.  You need solid legal representation to fight for your side of the case.

Sadly, we have represented some clients with the worst injuries imaginable, including leg degloving injuries, paralysis, brain injury, untreated stroke, severe fractures requiring surgeries, 3rd degree burns, and loss of a testicle.

We approach every case with compassion for our client, and a steadfast desire to do the very best we can to obtain a settlement or trial judgment which reflects the full value of the harm to the client, including full recovery for medical bills, wage loss (past and future) and pain and suffering. Our results speak for themselves.

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"Chuck and Tom did a great job making sure I was fairly compensated for [my] life-altering injury."
– Denise 

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