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We are helping victims of the defective metal-on-metal DePuy ASR hip prosthesis, including a San Francisco Bay Area woman who suffered for three years since her hip transplant, and who after learning of the recall because of "excessive failure rates," has had to have her failed implant replaced.

Even if you do not reside in the San Francisco Bay Area or in California, we believe San Francisco Superior Court is the appropriate, and most attractive* court to file a lawsuit because of the California defendants Dr. Thomas Parker Vail, M.D., of San Francisco, and Dr. Thomas Schmalzried, M.D., of Los Angeles, both of whom are designers and developers of the ASR system.

While many law firms, big and small are scrambling to find victims to represent, we continue to conduct ourselves in this litigation, as in all cases we handle, with the same personal and professional representation with one goal: to get the most compensation we can for our deserving clients.

If you would like more information about the DePuy ASR hip implant failures, and the recall, there are many good resources online. You can look at

and you can go to the DePuy website,, and view the webcasts they have published for doctors (the most informative). You may also call Tom Paolianytime.

If DePuy has asked you to accept a settlement and to release it from liability, we urge you to consult a lawyer knowledgeable about the litigation before making your decision to settle. As with all of our services, we do not charge for consultations concerning potential claims, so feel free to call us anytime.

*"Attractive" because California product liability law is very pro-consumer and because San Francisco jurors are historically very sympathetic to victims of defective products – some of the largest product liability judgments in the country have been awarded by San Francisco jurors.