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What’s Up in the Law of Bicycling

By Chuck Geerhart You’re riding along, feeling great, and all of a sudden a car pulls out from a parking place in front of you and knocks you over.  You’re hurt.  Badly.  What do you do? First of all, take care of yourself. Summon an ambulance and go to the ER or urgent care.  Also,…

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How to Succeed at an MSC in San Francisco Superior Court

How to Succeed at an MSC in San Francisco Superior Court SFTLA CLE Presentation April 25, 2017 By Arnie Levinson and Chuck Geerhart   The Mandatory Settlement Conference is your next to last chance at a formal settlement negotiation (you might get ordered to a day of trial settlement conference.) The Court usually schedules the MSC to…

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Liability for Accidents Caused by Uber or Lyft Drivers

Liability for Accidents Caused by Uber or Lyft Drivers By Chuck Geerhart In 2017, I am representing more and more people who have been struck and injured by drivers working for Lyft or Uber. Many of my clients are pedestrians. Both Uber and Lyft carry $1 million in insurance covering their drivers when they are…

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Should your lawyer be your friend

By Chuck Geerhart I represent people severely injured in accidents.  My core mission is to get them as much money as possible to help compensate for their loss. But along the way, I develop relationships with my clients.  Sometimes the relationship remains very businesslike– “get my case settled for fair value as fast as possible.”…

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The Oakland Ghost Ship Fire: Who Will be Responsible

By Chuck Geerhart The Oakland “Ghost Ship” warehouse fire was a tragedy. Thirty six people died. There were also serious burn and smoke inhalation injuries. There were undeniably many fire and health and safety code violations in this building. The master tenant appears to be a ne’er do well with limited assets. To whom can…

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Acceptance of SFTLA 2016 Civil Justice Award

Many thanks to the SFTLA Board for this award! I am thrilled and honored. I have to acknowledge the support and inspiration I have received from SFTLA over the years. I am happy to have with me tonight friends, colleagues, my wife Margaret Coyne and my daughter Alanna, and my brother Bill and sister Valerie…

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Nuts and Bolts of Liens in a Basic Personal Injury case

By Chuck Geerhart 1)  When is it a lien? A  lien is a security interest in property. “Lien” is defined as “[a] legal right or interest that a creditor has in another’s property, lasting usu. until a debt or duty that it secures is satisfied.”* (Black’s Law Dict. (9th ed. 2009) p. 1006, col. 1.)…

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Don’t Let Litigation Costs Overwhelm Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

By Chuck Geerhart Although something like 97% of all personal injury lawsuits eventually settle short of jury trial, they can nonetheless be very expensive because of the costs of litigation. Most reputable injury lawyers advance costs for the client, but these advanced costs must be re-paid to the lawyer when (and if) the case settles…

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