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Sexual Assault in the Workplace = Sexual harassment

Most people have heard of the sex abuse cases against the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America.  Those cases involve negligent failure by the organization to detect aberrant behavior by priests or scoutmasters.   On a negligence theory, the plaintiff has to show facts that would place a reasonable employer on notice that it…

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In days of old, people found lawyers through family or friends, by word of mouth. In the internet age, when people are hurt by someone else, they head for the internet.  This can be a very bad way to find a lawyer.  Sure, there are some fine lawyers, including us, with websites findable on the…

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Why We Have To Sue

The most common reason we have to sue a defendant – person, company, public agency – that causes us injury is we do not have the means -money or insurance – to pay for our damages, and they do. Historically, the public policy for requiring a defendant who causes injury and losses to pay for…

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What Can You Do When An Insurance Carrier Lowballs You?

We see it all the time. A person is injured in a crash, makes a claim for damages with the other driver’s insurance carrier, and the carrier offers some piddling amount that doesn’t even cover medical bills.  They are playing it like a good major league pitcher: they throw you curveballs in the dirt to…

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Why $100,000 in Auto Liability Insurance is Not Enough

By Chuck Geerhart   In our profession as personal injury trial lawyers, we see cases every day in which a negligent driver has caused injury and does not have enough liability insurance. Many times these drivers are responsible members of their community, with good jobs, homes, and families. Precisely the type of people who cannot…

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Tom Paoli Speaks at Seminar on Examination of Witnesses at Trial

By Chuck | Published October 30, 2013 In September 2013, Tom Paoli was asked to speak at a Continuing Legal Education seminar on effective witness examination.  This seminar was run by the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association and was designed to teach newer attorneys effective trial skills. Posted in Law | Leave a Comment

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Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse = A Front Group for the Far Right

By Chuck | Published October 30, 2013 You may have heard radio spots or seen billboards by a group calling itself “Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse” or CALA, in which the group talks about how lawsuits are driving business out of California. CALA is a “front group” for ultra-right conservative business groups. CALA has no problem…

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Why Ending the Filibuster is Good for the Average Person

By Chuck | Published December 2, 2013 Just before Thanksgiving, Congressional Democrats voted to end the 60 vote majority required to end a filibuster of a Presidential nomination. They had to do this because Senate Republicans were refusing to allow a vote on three very well-qualified nominees for the very influential DC Circuit of the…

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Why You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage. And Lots of It

By Chuck | Published August 4, 2014 Why You Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage. And Lots of It Every month, I talk to someone who was injured by a driver who either carried no insurance or not enough insurance. Often, my clients have not adequately protected themselves by carrying at least $100,000 (or more) in Uninsured…

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